April Cunningham

Proven Results Of Confidence Coaching:

one of my clients got the dream job and the dream relationship in just 5 months of working together

one client immediately shed her limiting beliefs about her body at my intensive 1-day event

another client found her purpose and clarity about her passion in just one conversation

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For the creative leader who is ready to stop holding back, cancel feeling like a fraud, and come alive to seize command of her superpowers with unapologetic authenticity!


What if everything about your life could just be EASIER?

What if you could drop the struggle and…

  • become fine and fit forever without dieting or deprivation

  • mute all of the self-doubt and negative self-talk

  • learn to love yourself

  • create a life that nourishes and thrills you

  • stop comparing yourself to others

  • boldly ask for what you want

  • commit to self-care without compromise or guilt

  • find your passion, purpose, and your path

  • create a business that you love, making more money than ever while enjoying time and financial freedom

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Hi! I’m April Cunningham, Dream Accelerator & Confidence Coach.

I help you unleash your superpowers and gain the confidence to create your life with passion, purpose, and unapologetic verve!

Learn more about me…


There Is Room In This Tribe For You

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The Confidence Club: Transform Your Self-Esteem and Lead a Courageous Life

“My self-worth is my responsibility.” - Stacey, Confidence Club Member


A private Facebook group for cool, progressive women whose common goal is to offer loving support for exponential transformation. Together, we rise!

In this group, you’ll get:

☑️ Free trainings

☑️ Group Coaching

☑️ Delicious conversation with supportive women

☑️ Support, resources, practices and tools to gain greater confidence

☑️ Special pricing and offers

Not sure if one-on-one coaching is right for you?

The best way to find out is to experience it for yourself.

Don’t worry - we’re not committed yet. Let’s see if we’re a good fit and if now is the right time for you.

Apply for a spot to book an exploratory call.

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