April Cunningham

Hi! I’m April. I help creative entrepreneurs and leaders electrify their confidence to create the life of their dreams.


It’s time to stop doing it all 


start having it all.

You are already accomplished.

You make “good money”.  

You achieve whatever you decide to pursue.

 You are so good at what you do that other people rely on you to meet their expectations and metrics.  

They trust you to create the magic of deliverables on time, under budget and to satisfaction.  

Your family relies on you to keep everyone on track because they know how powerfully and reliably you do it all.

You accomplish more before lunch than most accomplish all day.


You are bored and frustrated.

You feel rushed, exhausted and unfulfilled.

You love to serve and take care of others but there is something missing.

Everyone has what they need except you. 

You want more.

You need more for your life but you can’t figure out how to work less and love more - 

love your life, 

your relationships, 

your work, 

and yourself.

It’s time to stop trying to be happy with your life and start creating the life that you deserve, leading your life from the power position. 

It’s time to unlock your superpowers and access the life that you were created for, effortlessly serving others with confidence and grace while taking care of yourself and loving the freedom that you create. 

It’s time to come out of hiding and start showing up, authentically, courageously, powerfully so that you can tap into all of your gorgeous potential and allow all of what you want to find YOU. 

Powerful coaching leaves clients with transformative results:

one of my clients got the dream job and the dream relationship in just 5 months of working together

one client immediately shed her limiting beliefs about her body at my intensive 1-day event

another client found her purpose and clarity about her passion in just one conversation

Transform your life forever and experience:

  • Unshakeable self-esteem

  • Bulletproof confidence

  • Never compare yourself to others again

  • Daily practices to lead a calm and courageous life

  • Replacement of any limiting beliefs with ones that empower you

  • Connection to your mission and soul’s purpose

  • Become a wealth magnet

  • Get dressed with confidence, style and purpose

  • Feel amazingly powerful, radiant, and aligned to your true self in any room

  • Asking for what you want without fear or doubt

  • Clarity about what you want and need

  • Creating strong boundaries and holding them fearlessly

  • Knowing who you are

  • Loving who you are

  • Being unstoppable in anything you conceive to achieve

Would you like to learn more?  Let’s have a conversation!

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