April Cunningham

I see you for how beautiful, unique, and powerful you truly are…

We all arrive in our own time and always right on time.
— April Cunningham, The Confidence Coach

Hello lovelies!

I come to you with a heart full of hope for the beautiful possibilities in your journey.  My own journey has been a jagged one, dotted with self-doubt and negative self-talk, as I have learned to accept that in spite of my family history or social background or economic status or ethnicity, I am a unique individual who defies many of the accepted notions of those perceived constraints.  I am a left-lane personality.

I believe with absolute resolve in our power to change.  Often, we are hungry for change but feel powerless to achieve it.  Social pressures may hold us back from wanting to stand out or be different yet our difference is by design.  We are the ultimate human expression of the snowflake effect.  

My friends would say that I am "the Influencer" in our social circle.  I recognize the best version in others - as a strengths-finder of sorts - and I am naturally able to hold up a mirror for them.  You are so beautiful in your own way, prismatic in your passions, a differing reflection of a kind of glory.

In other words, I see how powerful you are. I can show you how to see it in yourself too. Take a journey with me and experience a 1:1 coaching session for yourself.  Let’s discover your gifts together and unleash your power with confidence, grace, and style so that you can lead the courageous life that you crave.

Welcome to the next step in your journey.  

April Cunningham