Intuition is a trust game

Louise is an 85-year-old Southern Belle.  She believes that you can solve any health issue with 3 things: garlic, water, and a bowel movement.  This wisdom has been assiduously passed onto her children and grandchildren.  For her entire adult life, she has begun each morning with a jolt: 1/2 cup of coffee and 1/2 cup of warmed cream.  Somewhere along later in the morning or early afternoon, she will swig citrate of magnesium to quell the rumbling in her stomach.  After all, "death begins in the bowels" so it seems logical to keep your intestines clean.  

One day, a mild health issue that she describes as caused by "something I ate", interrupts her routine and she skips coffee for several days in place of green or herbal tea.  During the routine interruption,  she becomes aware of how calm her tummy feels.  She has a dairy intolerance.  Her generation didn't have allergies nor intolerances.  She grew up consuming milk straight from the bucket that was placed under the cow's teat.  To this day, she remembers the delicious richness of raw milk fondly.  Pasteurization kills the taste of "the real thing".

For how long as she had a dairy allergy?  She can't remember how long she has had the habit of cleaning her stomach once a day nor how long she's felt the rumbling in her tummy that preceded it.  She has enjoyed milk and all things cheese for nearly a century, how can she be allergic?

In my coaching practice, we embrace the notion that the body's needs change as we age.  Our body knows what it needs and how to obtain it.  But, are we alert to perceive the signals that a change has a occurred that requires us to revisit how and what we should eat?  Listening to the body's wisdom is a core characteristic of a healthy lifestyle.  Intuition begins with trust that our body provides us with feedback and it doesn't lie.  Even if we disagree with it.


April Cunningham