N.O. = Next Opportunity

Credit: The Prosperous Coach

Credit: The Prosperous Coach

Believe it or not, the word "no" is a positive word.  It clarifies intention & opportunities available, it focuses on priorities, and it illuminates desire.  No and Yes are neighbors in the land of opportunity.  

In our modern times when we often feel expected to say yes to everything, it is empowering to say NO.  We sometimes feel that we can't say no or shouldn't say no. Sometimes we are motivated by a desire to be polite or preserve the feelings of others or we want "to do it all".  But when we say yes to something, we have to say No to something else.  We cannot do it all.  We have the same amount of time each day as everyone else but our personal circumstances and our priorities dictate our "opportunity throughput".  One key to claiming what we really want and to leveling up to claim our true potential is to be rigorous and critical about to what and to whom we say yes.  When we do that, we become thoughtful about the choices that we make - choosing to say yes to only WHAT  IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO US.

What is really important to you? Do you have clear in mind your priorities?  If yes, good for you.  Say yes to only what aligns to your priorities.

If you don't have a clear vision of what your priorities are, would you like some help with that?  Experience a powerful coaching conversation.

April Cunningham