My Clients Say...

Powerful coaching surfaces possibilities that were invisible just moments before.

I was in the midst of a new experience that had become very scary for me. I wasn’t sure how I would ever be able to get my bearings and felt certain that I wouldn’t be able to do that alone. I needed someone to help me navigate my life back to positive thoughts & healthy routines.

I have been able to consistently apply the principles that I was introduced to within the sessions. This has caused an immediate shift in the ways I process information and situations and it’s been one of the more significant rewards of signing up for [coaching].

I tend to seek comfort in what I know, so engaging in the service was initially uncomfortable and scary. I quickly learned alternate approaches to several situations in my life and eventually, I was learning effective ways to migrate away from my most prevalent stressors altogether!

Coach Cunningham Client Testimonial - Renee Horton

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I’m different after our coaching sessions because I’m approaching my life and business decisions differently. I’m allowing myself to feel and take in everything being more aware of my emotions which I’ve bottled up for more than 20 years. I’m also detaching on the outcome of things I have no control over.

I’m practicing being more vulnerable in my personal life and also focusing on what others need from me. It’s important I show more love to those I truly care about but in authentic way. In business I’ve learned that “lowering my price” isn’t helping people. Information can also be a form of assistance and I need to practice this in order not to short change myself and stand in my power because I am worth my full amount.

I recommend coaching for anyone because April will help you dig deep into your hidden emotions and bring out the best in you so you’re more confident in all areas of life after her coaching. I view her coaching as an investment in myself I was happy to make and I will be using her services continuing forward.

" I found another me. Someone capable of accomplishing anything he wants in life with many strengths that he once thought they were weaknesses." - Malachie N.

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Through April’s coaching, I have found a greater sense of calm and peace in my life. Her structured guidance has allowed me to approach my business and personal life with a fresh set of eyes. I have renewed confidence in my own abilities and intuition. I would recommend April to anyone who wants to understand themselves better. She is the perfect guide for those who seek intelligent advice & tools to accomplish their goals. Her work is truly transformative.”


“Two days after the Intensive and I’m still flying high! The limiting beliefs that you helped me uncover, the replacement beliefs that I’ve started to embrace and the mindset shift exercises you taught me have stuck and will continue to fuel my progressive change into the ideal version of myself. 

I was expecting to get some good techniques or to learn different ways of thinking about things but I never expected that I would walk away immediately feeling the effects of shedding the emotional weight of the negative ideas, thinking and attitudes that have plagued me on and off through my life. 

I can’t thank you enough for producing such an amazing day of content that never felt rushed and yet was rich enough to allow me to focus and hone in on the things that were holding me back. The intimate nature of the event added to the safety that I felt and allowed me to truly and fully share personal things and shed many, many needed tears. 

I would recommend all of my friends (and even my enemies) attend and offer a 10/10 review of the day!” 

(Jennifer Hundley, The Confident Woman 1-Day Intensive participant)


"I had the privilege to have two powerful coaching conversations with April. She has the gift to help you to discover your brilliance (which is not a word I would have used for myself before our insightful conversation). She courageously calls you out, if she senses that you are losing yourself in a story which does not serve you. Talking to her each time came with a gift in form of an insight and an expression which provided me with a new expanded way of seeing myself and connecting with who I really am. Thank you for those gifts." - Kathrin Atta-Agyemang

"April's thought provoking questions, kindness, and non-judgmental advice were key to helping me find my true north again! Many thanks! " -L. N. Lucas


"I found my life coaching session with April to be very valuable.  I've had ...lack of confidence and fear of confrontation, both the primary causes of the anxiety in my life.  I've always believed that this has held me back from pursuing opportunities, possibly even deterring personal growth.  But with April's help, I was able to discover...[that] it's within my power to take control of these weaknesses (and the tools are readily available to help me to do that) in order to achieve more in my life but that choice is up to me.   " -Karina M.