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For the busy woman who doesn’t “have time” to work out.

A fitness program for the busy woman who wants to look and feel AMAZING without dieting, deprivation, or judgment.

A special program just for you.



Renee hated the gym. She wanted to feel better in her clothes and in her body but she had been feeling stuck for months, unable to move forward although she wanted to progress. She was under a tremendous amount of stress - in her personal life and at work. “I don’t want to do it”, she told me on the first call about going to the gym.

By the end of 4 weeks of working together, she was:

  • effortlessly exercising weekly without the gym

  • rising early in the morning to work out according to her personalized plan

  • eating healthfully (and making conscious choices about when to choose pleasure on her plate)

  • feeling mentally and emotionally clear about what had been blocking her and WHAT she needed to do to achieve results

  • feeling positive and excited that she is capable of feeling amazing and doing even more

Did I mention that she also lost weight and noticed a delicious difference in how her clothes felt?

Did I mention that she went from feeling winded to climb a flight of stairs to climbing several flights with ease?

Did I mention that she didn't have to diet or deprive herself of anything?

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I was in the midst of a new experience that had become very scary for me. I wasn’t sure how I would ever be able to get my bearings and felt certain that I wouldn’t be able to do that alone. I needed someone to help me navigate my life back to positive thoughts & healthy routines. - Renee H.

How Do We Do It

Using my signature 3-step A.M.P system, we create:

  • AWARENESS. Become aware of what’s holding you back, how you are feeling, and how to check in with yourself at any moment so you can shift into your Power Stance.

  • MINDFULNESS. Tap into your inner monk so that you can be intentional about your desired outcomes and what impediments crop up to stand in your way.

  • PRACTICING SELF-PRIORITIZATION. Start saying NO to things that drain you or that stand in the way of your goals. And start saying YES to the practices and habits of your best body and health EVER.

What Can You Expect On The Call?

By the end of the call, you’ll be CLEAR and CALM about:

  • your desired outcome and what’s standing in your way

  • your next steps with a personalized action plan

  • what you can expect from working with me as your coach and IF we are a good fit

  • what’s expected of YOU

  • what is the cost of your investment and the duration

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Still here? You must have questions, then?

I’m very busy. Will I still benefit?

Yes, this program is designed for the busy woman. Your fitness goals must fit into your life without compromising your work or family. We work together to craft a plan with accountability so that you can thrive in all areas of your life that matter.

How much does this program cost?

Of course, your investment cost is an major concern. But, first, I invite you to book a call and let’s determine if you’re a good fit for the program. We will create a plan especially for your life, needs, health and capacity for managing change. By the end of the call, you will be clear about how this program will help you, how much is your investment cost, and what payment options are available.

How does coaching work?

Coaching comes from the athletic world. Athletes who are already at the top of their game, actively choose the right support to help them get to the next level. The method of support and engagement is tailored to the athletes unique skills, strengths, and accomplishments. Similarly, so are my coaching programs. We craft a custom program uniquely for you. Generally speaking, we begin by setting intention and clarifying your goals. We have a coaching call via phone or video once a week for 3 weeks in a row and then you get one week of self-reflection and self-coaching, during which there will be exercises that I expect you to send to me for accountability. Each 3 weeks is a like a sprint - growth sprinting - in which you meditate on the insights from each call and practice the action items. Together, we will reflect on your progress, determine opportunities for improvement, and set new intentions (or confirm the same intention) before beginning the cycle again.

All that to say, the best way to know if coaching will work for you is to experience it for yourself. Just tell me that you want a trial engagement on the call and we’ll set that up for you.